Holds a Head Meister qualification.

Holds a Head Meister qualification.

Our salon is staffed by professionals who hold the Head Meister qualification when providing treatments.
Head Meister is a qualification for Head Spa practitioners created by the founder of the popular Head Spa salon “Goku no Kimochi.” The certification rate is only around 10%, and it is completely different from a qualification that can be obtained by attending lectures.
Only practitioners who have acquired 21 techniques and treatment theory and have demonstrated their skills are certified. Our Head Meister, who passed the certification exam in one attempt, provides treatments that allow you to experience the “surprising falling asleep experience” that can only be felt through their skilled application of techniques learned through the Head Meister certification. Please try it out for yourself.

What is Dry-HeadSpa?

What is Dry-HeadSpa?

Dry Head Spa, also known as Waterless Head Spa, is a type of Head Spa that does not use water or oil.
By stimulating the scalp, it is said to improve blood circulation, address various body concerns, and also have a regulating effect on the autonomic nervous system.

Recommended for those who:

Recommended for those who:

We recommend that those who have the following symptoms visit our store:

  • Those who accumulate fatigue throughout their body due to housework or child-rearing.
  • Those who experience stiff shoulders or headaches due to long hours of desk work.
  • Those who suffer from brain fatigue due to work-related stress.
  • Those who experience eye strain from using a PC or smartphone.
  • Those who have concerns about their hair or scalp, such as white hair or thinning hair.
  • Those who suffer from poor circulation or have trouble sleeping due to imbalances in their autonomic nervous system.

If any of these apply to you, please visit our salon!

Private salon.

Private salon.

Our salon is a completely reservation-only private salon.
The treatment room is a completely private space with only one room, so you can discuss your concerns without worrying about other customers.
If you are uncomfortable with stores that have many customers, such as chain stores or large stores, please come to our salon.

Even if you can’t fall asleep during the treatment, you will sleep soundly that night!
~It is said that a 15-minute sleep during a head spa is equivalent to 8 hours of sleep.~


Alpha and theta waves have the effect of enhancing concentration and memory.
By stimulating the area closest to the brain, it induces a state of going back and forth between alpha and theta waves, leading to a clear head and light body feeling.

Why do we feel comfortable during dry head spa in the first place?
It is related to the cerebrospinal fluid, a liquid that circulates inside the body, similar to blood and lymphatic fluid.

Cerebrospinal fluid is located within the skull and spine and is colorless and transparent, similar to lymphatic fluid.
The role of this cerebrospinal fluid is to act as a cushion and absorb shock to protect the brain in the event of a strong impact to the skull, such as a blow to the head.
The cerebrospinal fluid is replaced three to four times in a 24-hour period, circulating from the skull to the sacrum before finally mixing with either blood or lymphatic fluid. Recent research suggests that the cerebrospinal fluid does not stay within the brain and spinal cord, but exits through the lymphatic vessels, indicating that the nervous system is involved.

In fact, it is said that β-endorphin, which has the effect of increasing happiness and alleviating pain, is released in this liquid. In addition, cholecystokinin is said to promote pancreatic secretion, suppress appetite, balance hormones, and have anti-aging effects.

Performing manual techniques on the points that improve the flow of cerebrospinal fluid can improve lymph flow in the face, reduce swelling, and lead to lifting of the facial muscles.
There are massage points in the occipital region that promote these effects.

In other words, head massage is a treatment that stimulates the points that improve the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the head, and promotes the release of β-endorphin, which allows one to feel more happiness and comfort.

Do you have any of these concerns?

People with teeth grinding or clenching habits

CASE1People with teeth grinding or clenching habits

If you grind your teeth during sleep or unconsciously clench your teeth, the muscle (temporalis muscle) that moves your jaw may be tensed without your awareness.
By releasing tension in the temporalis muscle, we aim to alleviate teeth grinding and clenching habits.

Difficulty Falling Asleep or Waking Up at Night Symptoms such as difficulty falling asleep

CASE2Difficulty Falling Asleep or Waking Up at Night Symptoms such as difficulty falling asleep

inability to sleep without alcohol, and waking up in the middle of the night are often caused by an imbalance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
By stimulating the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems through a dry head spa treatment, the balance can be restored, leading to a better sleep from the day of the treatment.

Easily Tense Individuals or Those Prone to Tight Shoulders Individuals

CASE3Easily Tense Individuals or Those Prone to Tight Shoulders Individuals

who tend to constantly tense up their muscles throughout their body often have a tendency to feel easily tense and have tight shoulders. Dry head spa treatments aim to relax the muscles throughout the body and relieve these symptoms.

Those Suffering from Eye Strain

CASE4Those Suffering from Eye Strain

Due to Electronic Devices Eye strain caused by prolonged use of electronic devices occurs when the muscles around the eyes become tense due to the lack of movement of the eyeballs from staring at one point for an extended period of time.
By relaxing these muscles, dry head spa treatments aim to alleviate eye strain.

Individuals with Accumulated Fatigue throughout the Body from Childcare

CASE5Individuals with Accumulated Fatigue throughout the Body from Childcare

In addition to addressing bodily stiffness through dry head spa treatments, it is also possible to expect mental refreshment by promoting the secretion of happiness hormones (oxytocin).

Those Suffering from Tension Headaches

CASE6Those Suffering from Tension Headaches

Tension headaches occur when muscles in the face and head become stiff for various reasons.
By releasing tension in these muscles through dry head spa treatments, it is possible to expect a reduction in headache symptoms.

Feeling Brain Fatigue due to Stress and Other Factors

CASE7Feeling Brain Fatigue due to Stress and Other Factors

At a private salon, one can relax and release tension and fatigue in the head without worrying about their surroundings.

Those with Concerns about Hair and Scalp, such as Gray Hair or Thinning Hair

CASE8Those with Concerns about Hair and Scalp, such as Gray Hair or Thinning Hair

By stimulating the scalp and hair follicles, it is possible to promote blood circulation and prevent gray hair and thinning hair.
Additionally, for cases of gray hair caused by mental factors, there is a possibility that improvement can be achieved by improving the overall physical and mental state.

For those who suffer from cold sensitivity

CASE9For those who suffer from cold sensitivity

Poor blood circulation, which is a cause of cold sensitivity, is caused by a disorder of the autonomic nervous system. By balancing the autonomic nervous system through head spa treatment, blood circulation can be improved, and relief of cold sensitivity symptoms can be expected.

Concerns about facial sagging, laugh lines, and forehead wrinkles

CASE10Concerns about facial sagging, laugh lines, and forehead wrinkles

Facial sagging and laugh lines are caused by a slackening of the facial muscles.
By providing moderate stimulation to these muscles, they can be firmed up to improve sagging and other concerns.
Forehead wrinkles are caused by poor movement in the muscles of the head, but can be improved by loosening up those muscles.


Mr. N (Male/Early 20s/Company employee)

Mr. N (Male/Early 20s/Company employee)

The atmosphere was friendly from the moment I entered the store, and before I knew it, I fell asleep during the treatment. After it was over, my head and shoulders felt very relaxed.
The price range was not too expensive, and it was a shop where I felt I wanted to go regularly.
Thank you very much!

Mr. M (Male/40s/Company employee)

Mr. M (Male/40s/Company employee)

Today I went for a 90-minute head spa.
Recently, work has been busy and I haven’t been able to get enough sleep, but luckily I was able to make a reservation. As always, I was treated gently and was able to relax and receive the treatment.
My head and body felt comfortable, and I was able to sleep well. Thank you very much.

Ms. Y (Female/Late 20s/Company employee)

Ms. Y (Female/Late 20s/Company employee)

I visited after my work had settled down.
The lady who served me was very kind and the pressure was just right. I had never fallen asleep during a bed spa before, but I relaxed too much and before I knew it, I was unconscious.
I was grateful that there was no pushy sales after the treatment.
I would like to visit again. Thank you very much!

Ms. H (Female/Early 20s/Company employee)

Ms. H (Female/Early 20s/Company employee)

It was my first time going to a head spa, and it was so comfortable that I fell asleep without realizing it. Even though I was late due to my own mistake, I was greeted kindly, and I appreciate the polite treatment I received. I will definitely visit again!


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